7 Tips For A Spotlessly Clean And Tidy House

Top 7 Best Tips For A Spotlessly Clean And Tidy House is our todays topic. So, you flip open an IKEA magazine, and you see that all the pieces of furniture and the little decoration items seem to create an image of harmony. Everything looks like they belong in that tranquil space. But for some reason, you can’t seem to attain that standard in your home. Don’t be ashamed of it; we’ve all been there.

Maintaining a spotless home can be quite an intimidating task. And then there are some people who say “excuse the mess” only to open the door to a pristine interior. So, how do they do it? Well, we have some tips and tricks that might ease the process for you to achieve a speckles house in no time.

Top 7 Best Tips For A Spotlessly Clean And Tidy House

7 Tips for a Spotlessly Clean and Tidy House

Have A System

The first order of business, create a cleaning schedule. With our fast-paced lifestyle, it is impossible to have a full-fledged set of house chores every day. This is precisely why it’s important to scatter your long list of tasks across the week. For example, you could delegate a chore each weekday and leave the major hosing down for the weekends.

It is a common mistake to just wing spring cleaning. On the contrary, it’s highly recommended to create a to-do list. You could have the traditional post-it note on your fridge or make use of the note-taking feature on your smart home assistant to keep track of your chores. A simple list allows you to visualize your work for the day to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Put A Fun Twist On Chores

Speaking of feeling overwhelmed, we have another method to help. Add some zest to your chores! Before you start cleaning, whip out your smartphone and play music to get yourself pumped. Why just mop when you can mop to the beat of your favorite song? Maybe try to toss some clothes into the washing machine and score some goals as you do your laundry. See, chores don’t have to be boring after all. You can put your own fun twist on them!

Tackle One Room At A Time

7 Tips for a Spotlessly Clean and Tidy House 2022

At the end of a long day of cleaning, seeing your home neither tidy nor completely messy can leave you feeling quite demotivated. Going home to a half-cleaned kitchen and a half-organized bedroom can give the illusion that no progress has been made. That’s why tackling one room at a time is key to perpetuating the cycle of keeping tidy.

Getting your house to have that pristine shine is not as daunting as it looks. You just have to take it one step at a time. To get yourself off your feet, you could start with a simple task. For instance, if you like organizing, you can begin by sorting the contents of that one messy drawer that has always bothered you. In the meantime, you can use a Sharp air purifier to ensure the room remains fresh.

Donate What You Don’t Need

7 Best Tips for a Spotlessly Clean and Tidy House

Purging your storage space is one of the most important parts of cleaning. It should arguably be the very first step of your cleaning process. Letting go of items you don’t use anymore creates the space that you need to live comfortably. The Home Edit team, the ultimate blueprint for decluttering, has a list of items you should definitely consider purging. 

Instead of throwing these items away, you could donate them to communities in need. Alternatively, if they carry sentimental value, you could look for other ways to repurpose or honor your belongings. A quick tip, categorizing your things into piles of “keep”, “throw”, and “donate” can really speed up the process.

Keep Things In Their Place

Once you edit out your belongings, the next step would be to store them according to their respective categories. Here, organizing bins will be your best friend. Depending on whether you want to display the items or not, you could opt for see-through holders or opaque containers.

Segregating the items is one aspect, but maintaining the systems you’ve put in place is another essential step. Therefore, in terms of putting things back into their categories, the cherry on top is the labels. Labeling your storage bins makes organizing easy enough to maintain that you can even get the kids at home involved in keeping the house tidy.

Creating An Aesthetic Look

If you’re going to be organizing, you might as well take it a step further and make it look pretty as well. While function is always a priority, you can strive for the ideal level where form meets function. Your bookshelf is the easiest place to start experimenting with this technique. And whether you prefer perusing through your books by alphabetical order, height, or colors, you can never go wrong with bookends to spice up your bookshelf.

Once you get the hang of it, you can move over to your wardrobe. For starters, you could separate your clothes according to jackets, dresses, tops, pants, and skirts. From there, you can continue color coding the pieces. Arranging them in this manner means that you get to feast your eyes every time you open the cupboard doors, but it also means that you don’t have to dig through your wardrobe to find your clothes in the morning. Granted that organizing your wardrobe is a bit harder to deal with, but the outcome will be so worth it.

Keep The Surfaces Clean

It’s convenient to just chuck your belongings on the countertop after a long day of work. But little by little, that countertop can turn into a mountain of random stuff you scrap through every time you lose something. Try to limit your kitchen countertop to appliances you would typically use every day.

For example, you’re always going to need your handy microwave for a quick fix and your coffee machine to start your day right. But other than that, the smaller utensils can go into the drawer where they belong. If your storage situation requires you to store your utensils on the counter, you can use a closed holder to ensure that the surface gives off a sleek and clean finish.

Now that you have some tricks up your sleeve, cleaning your home and maintaining its tidiness will be a no-brainer. However, keep in mind that sustaining a neat house is a job that requires consistency. This is no easy feat, especially if you have little ones running around the house. That’s why it is important to cut yourself some slack if your house is messy every once in a while; it’s only human. So, here’s to a cleaner and tidier house, well, most of the time! Hope you enjoy reading our article Top 7 Best Tips For A Spotlessly Clean And Tidy House.

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