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Four Technologies That Were Used In Sports Movies

Four Technologies That Were Used In Sports Movies 2023 is our todays topic. Sports movies use scenarios that would rarely happen in real life, but many are based on real stories. Some of them use technology just because a certain sport is on that level that it’s normal to have tech involved, and others will show how it can help teams achieve better results. The great thing is that we have hundreds of sports movies that are a great motivation but also a great description of the insides of the industry.

Some movies are made in such a way that the viewer can experience what the athlete is experiencing during the game. This is a good way to use today’s tech to show how hard it is to become a professional. It’s easy to check the sports betting odds and think you could do something better than them.

The ones made years ago didn’t have new technologies involved, so it’s mostly focused on your motivation when playing for a certain team. On the other hand, nowadays, they will show you exactly how many different factors can affect each sport.

Four Technologies That Were Used In Sports Movies 2023

Four Technologies That Were Used In Sports Movies

POV Scenes

Everything changed with the point of view scenes in sports because you can see what the athlete is seeing. There are many great examples when it comes to football because many people don’t know how hard it is to play with a helmet that shortens your view. This type of filming is mostly used for motorsports because it makes the adrenalin rush, but it can also be used for any other sport.

Anthony Dod Mantle was one of the producers that wanted to show how difficult it was to be in Formula One. The main thing he used were sliders on the cars, which made the cars heavier and difficult to operate. But, the drivers did an amazing job while having cameras on the helmet that will record the POV.

There is no substitute for a driver’s POV from the cockpit of a Formula One car, and movies about Formula 1 benefit from this advancement in film and technology.

Analytics And Sports

When people started using analytics for sports, everything changed, which you can see in a movie called Moneyball. A great example of what we use today is from the World Cup, where technology followed more than 50 factors during the game, and each player had 26 things being tracked and recorded. This may include how fast they run, how long they sprint, ball possession, and many other important factors that they can analyze later.

Moneyball does a similar thing just for baseball players, where they are transforming a very bad team to become a title-winning team. They use analytics for each player without even mentioning their current state and worth. When everyone realized this is important, they started to track everything about their players, and the clubs are now competing to have the latest technology and personnel to get the job done.

Wearable Tech

You probably saw how it looks when a FIFA player is recording his movement for the latest game. They will have a whole suit with many sensors that track each movement. This is used for movies, not only for video games, and it’s meant to precisely show a certain player’s technique. This is the technology they will use when they want to make something realistic.

Besides measuring the movement, the west will have a magnetometer and accelerometer. Some clubs started to use this technology for training, not only for special occasions. The reason why they do this is to follow the training throughout the year so they can track players’ progress.

Virtual Reality In Movies

Even when you have the point of view of a real athlete, you can’t have the exact view as them, which is why virtual reality will be very important in the movie industry. When 3D movies get to the next level, we can watch them in VR. You will probably be an imaginary entity that can move throughout the movie, which are pre-set scenes happening in the VR. Hope you enjoy reading our article Four Technologies That Were Used In Sports Movies 2023.



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